Barber Shop Kit

Natural Men Organic

Barber Shop Kit

Collection of shaving and beard-care products from the range of Natural Men:


  • Exfoliating Face & Beard,  100 ml.
  • Shave Cream,  200 ml.
  • After Shave,  100 ml.

Specific products:

  • Barber Roll-On,  20 ml.
  • Bourbon Oil,  60 ml.

Shaving Daily Ritual:

1- Exfoliating Face & Beard: this prevents in-grown hairs and, in turn, softens hair. It renews the epidermis, providing extreme softness and shine.

2- Shave Cream: enriched with Shea Butter which moisturises and protects the skin by improving razor glide.

3- After Shave: an after-shave with regenerating and moisturizing properties thanks to its ingredients of botanical and marine extracts, bio Aloe Vera combined with essential oils of mint, bio rosehip and bio sweet almond.

Caring for beards:
Barber Roll-On: an innovative Shaving Roll-On which lubricates and allows the razor to glide over the skin, avoiding irritation while providing the fresh, moisturising and antiseptic properties of Mint and Cedar.

Bourbon Oil: One of the most powerful oils on the market with non-greasy moisturizing properties thanks to the mixture of Argan, Jojoba, Almond and Sandalwood, among others.


20 septiembre, 2017


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