Facial care routine WOMEN

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Facial care routine WOMEN

Facial care routine from the range of Natural Women.

  • Facial Scrub,  100 ml.
  • Regenerating Day Cream,  50 ml.
  • Night Cream,  30 ml.
  • Eye Contour,  30 ml.


Daily Facial Care Routine:

For daily skin care, it is important to exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. For this reason, the Facial Scrub is a cream with minerals which are ideal for exfoliating skin by hand. It eliminates the superficial layer of the epidermis, thoroughly cleansing skin and naturally stimulating cell renewal.

Our Regenerating Day Cream is the ideal cream to use after exfoliation treatment. The marine properties of algae, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, virgin oils and botanical extracts regenerate, give vitality, luminosity, keeping the skin smoother and younger-looking.

The Night Cream is highly recommended for dry, irritated or aging skin because of its high concentration of marine ingredients, a blend of highly nutritious virgin oils and botanical extracts. It is a perfect choice at night to help the skin to regenerate while you are sleeping.


21 septiembre, 2017


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