KID’s Gels

Natural Kids Organic

KID’s Gels

Hair gel from the range of Natural Kids.

  • Fijador Infantil– Infant Hair Gel,  200 ml.
  • Cera – Matte Wax, 100 ml.


Styling Products for Kids:

The Infant Hair Gel is a 100% organic gel used to style hair. Its ingredients have excellent properties which care for hair thanks to its base of algae with its mineral salts and trace elements, honey with its antioxidant properties, minerals and enzymes, and regenerating and nourishing Abyssinian oil.

Matte Wax can be used to texture and style hairstyle with its base of algae, honey, coconut and almond oils which have important properties for hair care.


21 septiembre, 2017


Hair, Kids

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