Skincare especially for kids

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Skincare especially for kids

Products specifically designed for kids from the range of Natural Kids.

  • Crema Pieles Sensibles – Cream for Sensitive Skin,  100 ml.
  • Leche Corporal – Body Milk,  200 ml.
  • Post-Picaduras  – Bite and sting cream,  50 ml.
  • Aftersun,  200 ml.


For the most sensitive skins, our Cream for Sensitive Skin is a light cream which is 100% organic. It combines an algae base, botanical extracts and various oils which are rich in properties that help to moisturize in-depth, re-mineralize and soothe irritated skin thus restoring its hydrolipidic balance.

Our 100% Organic Body Milk has active ingredients of an algae base, botanical extracts and noble oils which make this product a good ally to ensure a well-moisturised, nourished skin while encouraging its regeneration. It is free from synthetic or petrochemical ingredients and is ideal for sensitive skin.

This 100% organic Bite and sting gel combines the properties of an algae base, botanical extracts and essential oils to calm the effect of bites from mosquitos, black fly, etc. At the same time, it cares for the skin and restores it to its normal state.

After sun exposure, the use of Aftersun is very important. This is a 100% organic body milk made with a base extract of algae, Aloe Vera, marigold and noble oils such as rosehip, almond and coconut. It regenerates skin which has been damaged by the sun, calming irritated and reddened skin.


21 septiembre, 2017


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