WOMEN Shampoos

Natural Women Organic

WOMEN Shampoos

Collection of shampoos from the range of Natural Women for complete haircare.


  • Exfoliating Shampoo,  200 ml. / 500 ml.
  • Volume Shampoo,  250 ml. / 1000 ml.
  • Moisturizing Shampoo,  100 ml.


Our Exfoliating Shampoo is an excellent way to treat scalp problems and can eliminate flaking completely in the first application. The Detox effect cleanses and decongests the scalp by encouraging cell regeneration and eliminates chemical residues left by other products.

For optimum results, it is recommended to apply our Volume Shampoo or a conditioner such as the Leave-In Conditioner from our range of women’s products after exfoliating.

For dry and/or damaged hair, the Moisturizing Shampoo is an organic shampoo with a low PH and excellent moisturising and soothing properties thanks to bio Argan, Jojoba and Coconut oils and the restorative properties of Shea butter. With frequent use, the acid formula of the shampoo will seal cuticles, leaving hair completely restored.


21 septiembre, 2017


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